Christmas miracle!!!

right here in my living room!!! check out
I saw this last night as soon as I walked into my apartment. I live by myself, without roommates, and haven't had any visitors in 4 days. Last time I remember someone sitting on the couch was about 4 days ago. It totally freaked me out when I saw it. I called many of my friends over and they couldn't believe it either. It actually looks a lot crazier in real life. you can see him from every angle in the room. Even if you're sitting down and the couch looks flat, his face almost rises up from the couch, like its 3D. Its the weirdest thing I've ever seen.
The strangest thing about this whole event is that I am not religious and was not raised as a Christian. Even some of my friends are not religious either. However, everyone who has seen it in person has unanimously agreed on one thing. It is the traditional depiction of Jesus Christ as known around the world. This image has been seen by devout Christians for centuries in visions, dreams, and art. Now out of nowhere the image of Jesus has once again appeared in the home of a non religious man in the so called Sin City of Las Vegas. What could it mean especially on Christmas Eve? This is a miraculous discovery that we are sharing with the world on this website.